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What do students usually do in AP classes after the exams are over?

Hey, just wondering what the norm is for AP classes post-exams. What do you usually do in AP classes after the AP exams are done? Are there still assignments, or is it more like a study hall vibe?

8 months ago

Hey there! Great question! After AP exams are over, each class can vary quite a bit depending on the teacher and the school's policies. Some teachers might use the remaining class time for enrichment activities that relate to the course content but were not explicitly covered on the exam.

Others might start a project that allows students to apply what they've learned in a new or interesting way. For example, an AP Biology class might engage in a hands-on project like a small-scale research study or a field trip to a local nature reserve.

It's also possible that some teachers will opt for a more relaxed approach, providing time for students to decompress or offering study sessions for finals in other classes. Rest assured, there's usually a significant change of pace, and it's a time when the pressure is generally off since the main event, the AP exam, is already behind you!

8 months ago

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