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Conquering the AP Lang Exam?

So... AP Language and Composition is no joke, and the exam is looming. I'm reasonably confident about the essays, but the multiple-choice questions worry me. Did anyone have a breakthrough moment with those? I could use a little guidance on what to focus on.

8 months ago

Absolutely understand your concerns about the multiple-choice component of the AP Lang exam! One great strategy is to consistently practice with real past AP exam questions, which you can find on the College Board website. As you practice, pay close attention to the questions you miss and try to identify any patterns. Are there certain types of questions or passages that give you more trouble? Once you know this, you can focus your study time more effectively.

Additionally, utilizing process of elimination on tricky questions can bolster your confidence and potentially increase your score. Don’t forget to time yourself while practicing to get accustomed to the pace of the actual exam. Keep up the practice, and your hard work will pay off!

8 months ago

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