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Looking for schools with a big campus culture similar to Texas A&M!

A&M has this big school spirit and a ton of traditions, which is sort of what I’m looking for. Besides the obvious choices, are there other colleges that have a similar type of community and campus life, maybe even in different parts of the country?

8 months ago

Hi there! It’s wonderful that you’re looking for a college with a vibrant campus culture. As a suggestion, Penn State is brimming with school spirit just like Texas A&M. Game days at Penn State are an incredible sight, with blue and white as far as the eye can see, and their student-run THON (dance marathon) charity event really brings everyone together for a great cause.

The University of Michigan has a similar vibe—they love their football Saturdays, and the entire Ann Arbor community comes alive. And let’s not forget the University of Alabama; their tailgating traditions and commitment to football really unite the student body and alumni. Moreover, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been noted for its spirited community and traditions around their sports teams. It's set in a lovely city with lots of student engagement.

Each of these schools has a sense of community that doesn’t just thrive on sports; there are clubs, events, and traditions year-round that keep the energy alive. I recommend when you're looking at schools to try and visit on a day with a big event happening, if possible. It gives you a real taste of what to expect, school spirit included. Good luck in finding your perfect college match!

8 months ago

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