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What's the ideal GPA for a prospective MIT applicant?

Hey everyone! I'm really intent on applying to MIT, and I’m trying my best to get my GPA as high as possible. But I’ve been juggling a lot with extracurriculars and leadership roles. Does anyone know what GPA MIT expects? How flexible are they if your GPA isn’t perfect but you have strong STEM involvement?

8 months ago

While MIT does not officially state a 'minimum' GPA for applicants, the reality is that the majority of admitted students have exceptionally high GPA's, frequently near a 4.0 weighted or at the top of their class. However, MIT understands that GPAs are influenced by school context and individual circumstances. If your GPA isn't perfect but you demonstrate significant strengths in other areas, especially those aligned with STEM, your application can still be competitive.

For example, showcasing your leadership roles, impactful extracurricular involvement, and achievements in STEM can mitigate a less than perfect GPA, particularly if you've taken—and excelled in—rigorous courses relevant to your intended field of study. Make sure that your application clearly communicates the depth and caliber of your commitments along with your academic talents.

8 months ago

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