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Total Number of AP Exams Available to Take?

Hi everyone! I'm planning out my schedule for next year and I'm wondering how many different AP exams there are. I want to challenge myself but also don't want to overcommit. Does anyone have a list or something of all the AP exams offered?

8 months ago

Hi there! I'm glad to see you're gearing up to challenge yourself with AP courses. As of now, the College Board offers 38 AP exams covering a wide range of subjects, from English Literature and Composition to Environmental Science and from Statistics to various world languages. The best place to get the complete list would be directly on the College Board's AP Central website, which also offers descriptions for each course and exam.

Remember, it's great to push yourself, but it's also important to not get too overwhelmed. Balance is key, and it's usually more impactful to focus on the subjects that interest you most or align with your future goals. An example would be a student interested in engineering—this student might focus on AP Calculus, Physics, and Computer Science, ensuring that they have a strong foundation in areas related to their intended field. Best of luck with your planning!

8 months ago

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