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AP Environmental Science study techniques?

Juniors and seniors, how did y'all tackle studying for the AP Environmental Science exam? I'm juggling a couple of AP classes and need some efficient ways to prep. Also, how much did you rely on outside resources vs. your class notes?

8 months ago

Hello! As you're balancing multiple AP classes, it's essential to devise a strategic study plan. For AP Environmental Science, start by reviewing the College Board's course description to understand the exam structure and main topics. Create a study schedule that allocates regular, manageable chunks of time for APES review alongside your other subjects.

Most students find a blend of class notes—which are tailored to your specific curriculum—and outside resources strikes the right balance. Try resources like CollegeVine for additional practice questions and the AP Environmental Science community for insights from other students. To enhance your recall, consider techniques like spaced repetition and active recall—these are especially effective if you start early.

Don't underestimate the value of practice exams; they're crucial in getting familiar with the question format and time management. Best of luck with your studies, and remember that consistency over time is key!

8 months ago

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