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Stanford GPA Inquiry—Do They Really Check Unweighted GPA?

To all the future Cardinal applicants, what GPA are we supposed to aim for? Do they look at unweighted or weighted more, and what’s the average GPA of a Stanford admit? Feeling the pressure and could use some clarity.

8 months ago

Take a deep breath! I understand the stress surrounding the college admissions process, especially when aiming for such prestigious institutions as Stanford. Let me provide some clarification. Stanford, like many selective universities, will look at both your weighted and unweighted GPA, but they consider the rigor of your coursework as well. So, it's not just the GPA itself, but the context of that GPA that matters—such as the difficulty of the courses you took relative to what's available at your school.

Regarding the target GPA, you should aim as high as you can, but for reference, the average unweighted GPA of admitted students tends to hover around 3.95. Remember, while the GPA is an important aspect of your application, Stanford takes a holistic approach to admissions. They're keen to know who you are beyond those numbers, through your essays, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, and personal qualities.

Don't let the numbers completely dominate your mindset. Focus on maintaining strong academic performance in challenging courses, and ensure you are also engaged in activities that are meaningful to you and reflect your interests and character. Those combined elements will help to create a competitive application.

8 months ago

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