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Is it worth it to retake an AP exam?

Polite inquiry to my peers here: If you don’t do well on an AP exam, like say you get a 3, does it make sense to retake it senior year, or should you just focus on other things at that point? Will colleges care about a retake or should I direct my energy elsewhere?

8 months ago

Hello there! Deciding whether or not to retake an AP exam is a question of weighing the potential benefits against the time and effort required. Generally, a score of 3 is considered passing and many colleges accept it for credit, but it's true that some more selective institutions might be looking for a 4 or 5. When deliberating a retake, consider your target college's AP credit policy—they’re usually available on school websites. If they do accept a 3 for credit or as a fulfillment of certain requirements, then you might be just fine as is.

Moreover, senior year is indeed a crucial time. Applying to colleges, keeping up with your grades, and potentially taking more AP courses or pursuing meaningful extracurriculars could be a better use of your energy. Remember, your AP scores are just one part of your application. Your time might be better spent on parts of your application you haven't cemented yet, like your personal statement or additional coursework. A 3 shows competence in the subject matter, and colleges understand that not everyone tests perfectly on every exam day.

Think about your entire academic profile and where your time will be best invested. I hope this helps you make a confident decision. Best of luck!

8 months ago

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