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Curious about who’s eligible to take an AP exam?

Hey guys, I'm a bit curious about the AP exam eligibility. Is it exclusive to high school students, or can anyone give it a shot? What’s the process if you’re not enrolled in an AP class at school?

8 months ago

Hello there! It's wonderful that you're interested in taking AP exams. AP exams are not exclusively for high school students enrolled in AP classes; they are open to anyone who wishes to take them. This includes homeschoolers, students whose schools do not offer AP courses, and even adult learners.

If you're not enrolled in an AP class, the first step is to contact AP Services by early March to get the names and telephone numbers of local AP coordinators who may be willing to arrange for you to take the exams at their school. Then, reach out to the coordinators by mid-March to register for the exam.

Please note that you'll need to cover the exam fee, and there might be an additional proctoring fee charged by the testing site. Remember, the earlier you start this process, the better, as spots can fill up and coordinators finalize their exam orders by mid to late March. I hope this helps and best of luck in your AP endeavors!

8 months ago

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