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How much harder is Barron's compared to the actual AP exams?

I'm studying for the APs right now, and I've heard that Barron's review books are harder than the actual exams. Can anyone who's used Barron's and taken the AP test confirm this? I want to make sure I'm not overpreparing or stressing for no reason!

8 months ago

From what I've seen, Barron's does tend to lean on the side of being more difficult than the actual AP exams. A lot of students notice that the questions in Barron's review materials can sometimes feel more complex and may cover content in a depth that surpasses what you might encounter on exam day. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, as it can really solidify your understanding and ensure you're comprehensively prepared. Just remember that if you're consistently doing well with Barron's, you're probably in a good place for the real exam.

Another approach is to use the College Board's released practice exams or their questions available online, as they are the gold standard for what you should expect. They'll give you the most accurate feel for the AP test's actual difficulty level. Combining these with Barron's extensive review can provide a balanced preparation strategy.

I wouldn't stress about overpreparing; it's always better to be overprepared than underprepared. However, if Barron's is causing unnecessary anxiety, you might want to mix in some other review materials or take a practice exam directly from College Board to gauge your preparations.

8 months ago

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