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AP Exam Scoring: How does a score of 4 translate?

Hello everyone! So, I've been working my tail off in AP classes, and it's time to think about the payoff – those AP exams. I've heard different things about what college credit you can get with an AP exam score. Could somebody clarify what getting a score of 4 typically means in terms of college equivalency? Which colleges actually give you credit for it, or is it more about placement? Thanks a ton!

8 months ago

Hey there! Kudos on your dedication to your AP classes! A score of 4 is generally considered quite good and reflects a strong understanding of the material. Whether or not you receive college credit or placement for a score of 4 depends on the college's AP credit policy. Most colleges and universities in the United States have a clearly defined policy available on their website or in their admissions materials. For example, some institutions might give you credit for an introductory-level course, while others may use it for placement purposes to allow you to skip intro classes and jump into higher-level coursework right away.

To find the specifics, you can usually visit the prospective college's website and search for their AP credit policy. It will outline what score is needed for which subject's credit. Furthermore, if you're targeting especially selective schools, they might only accept a score of 5 for credit, whereas less selective schools often accept a 4. By checking out the policies, you'll know exactly where your score of 4 stands. Remember to take these policies into account when you're making your college list if earning college credit is important to you. Good luck with your AP exams!

8 months ago

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