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AP exam question recycling – myth or fact?

I've heard from some seniors that AP exams might recycle questions from year to year. Just a tad stressed because I'm not sure if it's something I should be looking out for while studying. Does anyone have solid info on this?

8 months ago

It's understandable that you're looking for any useful information to help you prepare for your AP exams. The idea that AP exams recycle questions is mostly a myth. The College Board, which administers AP exams, constantly develops new material to ensure the validity and fairness of the exams. However, the format of the questions and the skills they assess remain consistent from year to year.

For example, if you're taking the AP Chemistry exam, you may encounter questions that assess similar topics or skills as previous years, but the actual questions will be unique for that year's test. Your best strategy is to focus on understanding the material and the format of the exam, rather than looking for past questions. Using official College Board practice materials or reviewing course frameworks will give you the most accurate sense of what to expect. Remember that rigorous study and understanding of the subject matter will always be your best bet for success on AP exams. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need more study tips or resources!

8 months ago

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