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Reusing an Essay for Multiple College Applications: Is It Ok?

So I wrote this one essay I'm really proud of, but is it frowned upon to submit the same essay to different colleges if the prompts are similar? Don't want to get in trouble for not personalizing my submissions.

8 months ago

It's absolutely fine to reuse an essay for multiple colleges as long as the essay directly addresses the prompt given by each college. Many students do this to manage their time effectively, especially when applying to multiple schools. However, it's important to tailor the essay to each school as much as possible. This might mean tweaking a few sentences or paragraphs to reflect the specific values and programs of the schools you're applying to.

For example, if your essay is about a personal challenge you've overcome, and one college prides itself on community service, you could add a sentence about how your experience motivated you to give back to your community. This shows that you've researched the school and are not just sending generic essays. This strategy maintains the integrity of your original essay while still personalizing it to each application. Just be sure to thoroughly review each prompt to ensure your reused essay is on topic and fulfills any specific criteria the college may have. Remember, admissions officers appreciate authenticity and effort, so a well-crafted, personalized essay can go a long way in demonstrating your genuine interest in their institution.

8 months ago

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