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Writing a killer 'Why Us' essay?

How do you write a 'Why Us' essay without falling into cliches or sounding like you just reworded the brochure? I'm struggling to find a balance between showing genuine interest and just regurgitating facts. Tips?

8 months ago

Absolutely, crafting a 'Why Us' essay can be a bit of a tightrope walk between expressing genuine interest and avoiding the generic. Here's an insider tip: focus on specific programs, clubs, or opportunities that align directly with your past experiences and future goals. It's more about showing that you've done your homework and can see yourself thriving at the university because of these programs.

For example, if you're applying to a school known for its research opportunities in psychology and you've been involved in related extracurricular activities, mention how their unique research programs or lab facilities are a perfect fit for continuing your work. Tie it to something personal, such as an experience or a project that fueled your interest in the field. This demonstrates your passion and how you plan to contribute to the campus community. Remember, universities aren't just looking for students who want to attend; they're looking for students who will add to the character and success of their school.

Adding a touch of your personality can set your essay apart as well. If you're someone with a quirky sense of humor, for instance, it might be okay to add a light-hearted comment or two, provided it's appropriate and doesn't dominate the essay. Lastly, if you have a chance to visit the campus or interact with current students, draw on those experiences to add depth to your essay. A firsthand account of a positive interaction with a student or a memorable moment during a campus tour can provide a compelling narrative. Just ensure that each point you mention clearly relates back to you and your interests, giving a full picture of why you and the school are a perfect match.

8 months ago

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