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AP Exam Study Time Recommendations?

Hello all, I just started prepping for my AP exams and wanted to get some advice. How many hours do you guys usually put in to study for an AP exam? I want to do well but also have a lot of other commitments. Any study tips would be greatly appreciated!

8 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're starting to think about how to prepare for your AP exams. The number of hours you'll want to dedicate to studying can vary depending on the subject and your personal familiarity with the material. Generally speaking, I often advise students to aim for around 40-50 hours of study time per AP exam, spreading this out over several weeks or months so it doesn't become overwhelming.

To manage your time effectively, try creating a study schedule where you can allocate specific hours each week to study for your AP exams, focusing on different subjects each day. This can help you stay on track without feeling like you have to sacrifice your other commitments. Also, incorporate different study methods such as practice tests, reviewing class notes, and discussion with classmates or a study group. Rotating these methods can keep things fresh and aid in memory retention.

One study tip that can be especially helpful is to focus on understanding overarching concepts and relationships rather than only memorizing facts. AP exams often assess your ability to apply knowledge, so being able to understand and explain the 'why' behind things will serve you well. Remember to take breaks and take care of yourself during the study process too! Best of luck with your preparations!

8 months ago

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