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What does the typical profile of an accepted MIT undergrad look like?

Hey folks! I'm really aiming for MIT, and I'm wondering what the average profile of an accepted student is? Like, what sort of GPA, extracurriculars, or awards do they usually have? Trying to figure out how I stack up and if there are areas I need to work on more. Any insights?

8 months ago

Hello there! Aiming for MIT is an admirable goal, and it's good that you're strategizing. The typical profile of an accepted MIT undergrad is quite impressive, to be honest. Students usually have near-perfect GPAs, around the 4.0 mark, often in the most challenging courses available to them. They tend to score very highly on standardized tests, with SAT scores frequently in the 1500-1600 range or ACT scores of 34-36.

Extracurriculars are equally important, with a strong emphasis on STEM activities like research projects, Olympiads, or robotics clubs. Leadership roles and significant contributions to these activities are common among accepted students. Additionally, having national or international level accolades in relevant fields can definitely be a feather in your cap. As for areas to work on, aim for deep engagement over a wide spread of activities. MIT values students who show passion and skill in their interests. Best of luck with your preparation!

8 months ago

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