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Who Actually Grades Our AP Exams?

So I've been cramming for APs and can't help but get curious – who are the people grading our AP exams? Are they teachers, college profs, or some trained AP grading gurus? It's got me a bit anxious thinking about it. Anyone got the scoop on the qualifications of the folks who’ll be deciding our fates?

8 months ago

I understand your curiosity! AP exams are typically graded by a mix of high school AP teachers and college faculty who are experienced in the subject matter. These individuals go through a rigorous training process to ensure that they grade the exams fairly and consistently. The grading process is standardized, and there are measures in place to maintain the quality and reliability of the scoring. For essays and free-response sections, for example, each response is often scored independently by multiple graders to mitigate the impact of a single grader's biases or errors. This distribution of grading responsibilities helps ensure that the outcomes of your exams are the result of a collective, professional assessment rather than the judgment of a lone individual.

Good luck with your exams—it sounds like you're putting in a great deal of effort, and I am sure that will reflect in your scores.

8 months ago

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