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Advice for writing at a college level?

I've got some essays for my college applications coming up and honestly, I'm not sure if my writing is up to par. What makes a college-level essay different from high school, and how can I level up my writing skills to meet that standard?

8 months ago

It's great that you're proactively seeking to improve your writing skills for college applications! College-level writing often demands clear argumentation, in-depth analysis, and a strong voice. The expectations are higher in terms of structure, depth, and the ability to connect ideas logically.

Firstly, making sure that your thesis statement is clear and compelling is crucial. This will guide the rest of your essay and should assert an insightful argument or unique perspective on the prompt.

Next, backing up your points with specific examples and evidence is key; this is something college admissions officers will look for. It's not enough to make a claim - you need to substantiate your points with facts, examples, or quotes that add credibility to your arguments.

Lastly, the writing style at the college level is more formal and polished. While you want to maintain a bit of your own voice, be mindful of grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. A mix of complex and compound sentences can showcase your writing maturity, and careful editing is essential to eliminate errors and typos.

Consider seeking feedback from teachers, mentors, or peers who can critique your work. It often takes several drafts to reach a high-quality final product, so start early to allow time for revisions.

8 months ago

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