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AP Exam Registration Deadline Stress!

Hey everyone! Just realized I might be a bit behind on this and getting worried—when exactly is the AP exam registration deadline? I’m juggling so many things right now and don't want to miss it. Is it the same for all AP exams or does it vary? Thanks a ton for the help!

8 months ago

Hi there! No need to stress; it's great that you're getting on top of this now. The AP Exam registration deadline is typically in early November for full-year and first-semester AP courses, and some schools may set an earlier deadline to get everything organized. If you're taking a second-semester course, many schools also have a second deadline in the early spring, often in March. This deadline is the same for all AP exams at a given school, but it can vary from school to school.

Make sure to check with your school’s AP coordinator as soon as possible for the specific deadlines applicable to you. They can provide you with all the necessary details for registration. Good luck with all of your courses and exams—you've got this!

8 months ago

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