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AP Exam Makeups: Are they harder?

Feeling a bit stressed because I might not be able to take the AP exam on the given date. Does anyone know if the makeup AP exams are harder than the regular ones? Or are they pretty much the same in terms of difficulty?

8 months ago

I completely understand your concerns regarding the makeup AP exams, and it's natural to wonder about the difficulty level. Reassuringly, the College Board's intention is to ensure that all AP exams, whether makeup or not, are equivalent in difficulty and rigor. While the makeup exams might have different questions, they are carefully calibrated to match the standard exams in terms of difficulty and content coverage.

A student who is well-prepared should, theoretically, have the same chance of excelling on a makeup exam as on the original date. To maximize your readiness, continue to focus on reviewing the course material comprehensively and practicing with a variety of AP prep resources.

Remember, the goal is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the course material, and that remains consistent regardless of when you take the exam. Best of luck, and keep up the diligent studying!

8 months ago

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