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Understanding the AP Biology Exam Format

So, I've got AP Bio coming up and I'm trying to create a study schedule. Just wondering, how many questions are there on the AP Biology exam, and how are they divided between multiple-choice and FRQs?

8 months ago

It's awesome that you're proactively planning your study schedule for AP Biology! The AP Biology exam structure consists of two main sections. The first section is the multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which includes 60 questions. Additionally, there are 6 grid-in questions that are also considered part of the MCQs for a total of 66 questions in this section. This section accounts for 50% of your exam score.

The second section is the Free Response Questions (FRQs), consisting of 6 questions in total, which include 2 long-form and 4 short-form questions. Together, they make up the other 50% of your score. Overall, your exam will have 72 questions. The FRQ section often includes a few questions that comprise several parts, so make sure you provide complete answers to each part.

Good luck with your preparations, and remember, consistent practice and familiarization with the types of questions you’ll encounter go a long way.

8 months ago

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