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What are some colleges that have a vibe similar to Ithaca College?

Hey fellow juniors! So I’ve been doing some college searching and really fell in love with the atmosphere and programs at Ithaca College. I'm curious if any of you know about colleges that share a similar vibe—like the small community feel but with strong programs in communications and the arts. What are your thoughts? Maybe some hidden gems I haven’t heard of yet?

8 months ago

Hey there! If you're looking for a college with a vibe similar to Ithaca, might I suggest looking into Emerson College in Boston? It offers a close-knit community feel and has excellent programs in communications and the arts, much like Ithaca.

Another one to consider is Chapman University in California—it's known for strong programs in film and media arts and maintains a tight community ethos. They're not exactly hidden gems as they are quite well known in their respective regions for the strengths in the areas you're interested in.

Checking out these schools' campus life through virtual tours or, if possible, visiting in person can give you a great feel for the atmosphere. Hope this helps!

8 months ago

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