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AP Lang Exam: Specific tips for a 4?

Hi friends, so I'm taking AP Lang this year and aiming for at least a 4 on the exam. Anyone have tips or resources that specifically helped them do well in AP Lang? Would really appreciate the guidance.

8 months ago

Hello! It's great to hear that you're aiming for a 4 on your AP Lang exam. One effective strategy is to practice active reading throughout the year, which means annotating texts as you read them and discussing the rhetorical strategies authors use. For the essays, I've found that students benefit greatly from studying past student samples on the College Board website as it gives a clear idea of what is expected.

Moreover, consider frequent timed writing practice to get comfortable with the pace of the exam. Do review the feedback from your teacher carefully to improve your writing skills. Lastly, there are also quite a few study books available that many students find helpful, such as those from The Princeton Review or Barron's. Just be sure to supplement those with actual practice using past AP exam prompts. Best of luck!

8 months ago

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