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When do AP exam scores usually drop?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know when and how we get to see our AP exam scores? I've heard that they're released at different times depending on where you live, and I'm a bit stressed about how to check them ASAP.

8 months ago

Totally understand wanting to get those scores as soon as they are available! Typically, College Board releases AP exam scores in early July, and yes, they do release them on different days based on your location.

They create a schedule that rolls out scores over several days, which you can check by logging into your College Board account or visiting their AP scores website. They'll ask you to enter your AP number (from your AP Student Pack) and your College Board account login to access your scores.

Keep an eye on the schedule they release and then make sure to check first thing in the morning on the day your region is scheduled for. It can be a bit of a nerve-racking wait, but it's a pretty straightforward process once the day arrives. Also, don't forget that scores are typically sent directly to the college you've designated as well, so there's no delay in your school receiving them!

8 months ago

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