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When should I start drafting my college essays?

Hey guys! The pressure of junior year is creeping up on me, and I feel like I should start getting a move on with my college essays. So when do you all think is the best time to start writing these essays? I don't want to procrastinate, but I also don't want to burn out. What's the ideal timeline?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's great to hear that you’re thinking about your college essays with such a proactive approach. Starting early can indeed give you the upper hand. The summer before your senior year is often seen as the golden period for drafting college essays. This is because you typically have a bit more free time then as opposed to the academic year, allowing you to reflect on your experiences and brainstorm without the stress of classes and exams.

A good strategy is to begin brainstorming and jotting down potential essay topics toward the end of junior year. Then, over the summer, start working on your drafts. By the time senior year begins, you should aim to have a solid draft ready for feedback. This way, you can utilize the first part of the senior year to revise and polish your essays without feeling rushed. Also, if you’re applying for early action or early decision, this timeline ensures that you’re well prepared.

Remember, writing multiple drafts is a normal part of the process. It can actually be advantageous as it allows you to refine your thoughts and express your narrative more clearly. Just ensure to maintain a balance so that you can come back to your essay with fresh eyes after a break. Good luck with your writing, and remember that the best essay will be one that is thoroughly thought-out and truly reflects who you are!

8 months ago

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