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Why should I take AP exams?

Hey everyone! I'm deliberating whether to take the AP exams this year. I get the credit part, but with everything going on, I'm not sure if it's worth the stress and cost. Can someone give me a breakdown of why they're beneficial, especially if you're shooting for top-tier colleges?

8 months ago

Absolutely, I understand where you're coming from. Taking AP exams can be stressful, but the benefits are manifold. For one, top-tier colleges often look at AP scores as a demonstration of your mastery of college-level coursework—an indication that you're prepared for the rigors of their programs. Additionally, scoring well on AP exams can sometimes allow you to place out of introductory courses, which means you might have the flexibility to take more advanced classes sooner or explore a wider array of subjects during your time in college.

For example, a student of mine once used AP credits to bypass general education requirements and dive right into their major's upper-level courses as a freshman, which really enriched their college experience. Of course, not all schools give credits for AP scores, and some have strict policies on which scores they'll accept, so be sure to check with the individual colleges you're interested in to see how they handle AP credits!

8 months ago

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