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Can IB Students Also Take AP Exams?

Hello folks, I'm currently an IB student but I'm interested in a couple of AP subjects. Is it possible for me to sit for those AP exams as well? Does anyone have experience with this?

8 months ago

Hello there! Absolutely, you can take AP exams even as an IB student. It’s not uncommon for students to enhance their academic portfolio by sitting for AP exams in the subjects they feel they have a strong grasp on. I've known quite a few students who have done this to showcase their strengths in specific areas, or to earn college credits in a subject not offered by the IB program at their school.

Just be sure to register for the exams you’re interested in ahead of time, as there are specific deadlines. Also, it's always a good idea to prepare thoroughly for the AP exams, as the format might be different from what you're used to in IB assessments. If you're planning to self-study, make sure to allocate enough time to go through the material. Best of luck with your AP exams!

8 months ago

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