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AP Exam Release Time: When do scores drop?

Hey friends, I'm already anxious about getting my AP exam scores and I just took the tests! Does anyone know exactly what time the scores become available? I've heard it's sometime in early July, but I'm looking for that precise time so I can be ready to hit refresh on my browser. Thanks for helping a nervous junior get through this!

8 months ago

Hey there! It's completely understandable to feel antsy about AP scores —AP scores are typically released in early July in a rolling fashion based on geographic location. The College Board does this to manage the traffic on their website.

For a more precise time, scores usually start to become available at 5 A.M. Eastern Time. To know your specific access time, you can check the AP score release schedule posted by the College Board as the date approaches. Make sure your College Board account is set up correctly and that there are no outstanding issues with your login credentials.

Good luck, and remember, your AP scores are just one part of your academic journey!

8 months ago

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