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Starting essays with quotes?

Hey everyone! How does it look if I kick off my college essay with a quote? I've got this really powerful one from a book that's super relevant to my life story, but will it seem cliché or take away from my own voice?

8 months ago

Hi there! Starting your essay with a quote can be a compelling hook if it deeply resonates with your personal story. It can potentially present a powerful framework for your narrative! However, it's really about how you use the quote and the context you provide afterwards.

The goal of your essay is to showcase your own voice and experiences, not just share someone else's words. If the quote genuinely enhances your message and you tie it into your story effectively, it can work well. Just ensure that the bulk of your essay is still distinctly 'you.'

Just remember, it's more about how the quote sets the stage for your personal insights rather than serving as the focal point. Good luck with your writing!

8 months ago

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