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Colleges with similar vibes to Worcester Polytechnic Institute?

I’ve been exploring WPI and I'm super into their project-based curriculum. Does anyone know of other engineering or tech schools with a similar hands-on approach?

8 months ago

Hey there! Have you taken a look at Olin College of Engineering? It's known for its project-based and interdisciplinary engineering curriculum, which is quite similar to WPI's philosophy. Students at Olin get a lot of hands-on experience and work on real-world problems, much like at WPI.

Another one to consider is Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, especially known for its 'Learn by Doing' philosophy. They emphasize hands-on learning, and the College of Engineering is outstanding. T

here’s also MIT, where you'll find a strong emphasis on incorporating hands-on projects and research into the curriculum. Additionally, Harvey Mudd College is part of the Claremont Colleges and focuses strongly on STEM education with collaborative, project-based learning. It’s smaller and more undergrad-focused but also highly regarded in terms of engineering and its innovative approach to education.

Hope this helps you expand your list of possibilities!

8 months ago

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