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How significant is an 830 PSAT score for college admissions?

Feeling a bit worried here after getting my PSAT results. I scored an 830, and I’m not sure how colleges view this. Will this affect my college apps, or is the SAT/ACT more important? Also, any tips for improving would be super appreciated!

8 months ago

Take a deep breath - the PSAT score is primarily used as a practice for the SAT and as a qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship. While an 830 isn't a high score, it's just a starting point and colleges won't see your PSAT score unless you decide to share it with them. They will, however, see your SAT or ACT scores, which are more significant for college admissions.

To improve, consider a study schedule that focuses more on weak areas, and make use of free resources like Khan Academy, which partners with the College Board to offer tailored SAT prep. Additionally, taking practice tests can help increase your familiarity with the format and the types of questions asked. Don't be discouraged; with dedication and the right resources, you can definitely improve your score. Good luck!

8 months ago

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