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Can you use calculators on the PSAT?

I'm starting to prep for the PSAT and I'm a bit unsure about the calculator policy. Are calculators allowed for the math section? If so, what kind of calculators are we talking about – can I bring my trusty graphing calculator, or should I stick to a less sophisticated one?

8 months ago

You are allowed to use a calculator on one of the two math sections of the PSAT. The other section must be completed without a calculator. As for the type, you can indeed bring your graphing calculator as long as it meets the College Board’s specifications. Most graphing calculators are permitted, including many models from popular brands like Texas Instruments and Casio.

However, calculators that have a computer-style (QWERTY) keypad, use paper tape, make noise, or require a power outlet are not allowed. Before the test day, double-check the list of approved calculators on the College Board website to confirm your model is acceptable—do this well in advance to give yourself time to get a different one if necessary. Also remember to check that it’s working properly and has fresh batteries. And even if you've just changed the batteries, an extra set could be a real lifesaver on test day! Happy prepping!

8 months ago

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