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Why bother with the PSAT?

So, I've heard mixed opinions on the PSAT. Some people say to take it seriously, while others think it's just a practice test. Could someone break down for me why the PSAT might be important beyond just being a 'pre-SAT'? Are there benefits I'm missing?

8 months ago

Hello there! Absolutely, there are a few reasons why the PSAT can be quite important beyond practice for the SAT. Firstly, if you score high enough, you could qualify as a National Merit Scholar, which can lead to scholarship opportunities. This can be a great financial benefit and a noteworthy achievement on your college applications. Additionally, taking the PSAT can help identify areas where you may need to improve before tackling the actual SAT. The College Board also uses PSAT scores to connect students with potential colleges and scholarship opportunities through their Student Search Service.

Remember, performing well can provide a confidence boost and set a benchmark for your SAT preparations. It's always good to keep in mind that different students have varying experiences with standardized tests, so consider your own goals and how the PSAT might align with them. For instance, one of my students scored in the top percentile and received scholarship offers from several institutions, turning the PSAT from a practice run into a very real advantage. Conversely, another student used the results to focus her study efforts more effectively for the SAT. Either way, it provided value. Best of luck with your testing!

8 months ago

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