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Is writing about religion in college essays okay?

I've been brainstorming topics for my college essays, and I'm considering writing about how my religion has shaped me. Is this a risky topic, or do colleges appreciate essays that reflect on personal beliefs and values?

8 months ago

Writing about your religion in your college essays can certainly be illuminating, as long as it is done with nuance and focuses on your personal growth rather than doctrine. Colleges appreciate essays that are a reflection of personal beliefs and values, provided they can get a clear sense of who you are and how this aspect of your identity has influenced your actions, dreams, and perspective. Nevertheless, ensure that the main emphasis is on you, rather than on the religion itself.

For example, it would be pertinent to discuss how your faith has led you to perform community service, shaped your worldview, or provided you with strength during challenging times – all of which can present a clear narrative about your character and development. Be mindful, however, that your reader may come from a different background or belief system. The goal of your essay should be to communicate your unique experience and insight, not to proselytize or create a platform for religious debate. Demonstrating respect and openness to diversity, while sharing how your religion has played a formative role in your life, will help you craft an essay that resonates with the values of most institutions.

8 months ago

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