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What's the deal with a 1220 PSAT score - good or bad news?

Hi friends, just got my PSAT score back and it's a 1220. As a junior, is this a score I should be happy with, or is it a wake-up call that I need to seriously get on top of my test prep game? I'm eyeing some schools that are pretty selective and don't want to sell myself short.

8 months ago

It's great to see you're being proactive about your test scores and future college applications! A 1220 on the PSAT is a solid start, especially considering that the maximum score is 1520. This score places you above the national average, which is usually around the midpoint of 1010. However, if you're aiming for very selective colleges, it could be beneficial to aim higher as competitive applicants often have scores in the top percentiles.

Remember, the PSAT is also a good indicator of how you might perform on the SAT, so think of it as a diagnostic tool. Given that you're a junior, you have time to improve. Consider your PSAT score a baseline and focus on areas where you can make the biggest gains. Quality test preparation can lead to significant improvements, and many resources are available, including online materials, books, and prep courses. Also, don't forget to make use of any feedback you received with your PSAT score, as this can guide your study efforts most effectively. Dedication to practice and preparation will definitely help you reach a score that aligns with your aspirations for selective schools. Good luck!

8 months ago

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