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Can I both apply to QuestBridge and use the Common App?

I’m considering QuestBridge for college but also want to keep my options open with the Common App. Is it allowed to apply through both platforms, or do I have to choose one?

8 months ago

Absolutely, you can certainly apply through both QuestBridge and the Common App. QuestBridge is a unique program designed for high-achieving, low-income students, and if you become a QuestBridge Finalist, you can participate in their National College Match program, which can lead to a full four-year scholarship to one of QuestBridge's partner colleges. The Common App, on the other hand, is a general application platform that allows any student, from any background, to apply to many colleges at once, not just QuestBridge partners.

Just be mindful of the deadlines and requirements for each application, as they can be quite different. Also, if you do apply for the QuestBridge Match program and you match with a school, it's a binding agreement to attend that college, so you would need to withdraw your other applications, including those you've been working on through the Common App. If you don't match, then you can most definitely use the Common App to continue applying to colleges during the regular decision cycle. Do keep in mind, though, that not every school is on the Common App, so there might be some good option for you that have their own platforms (like the UC schools).

Always double-check with each institution's admissions policies, but typically there is no rule against using both. Good luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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