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Adding more colleges on Common App after initial submission?

I’ve sent off my Common App to my early decision school, but now I want to add a couple of more colleges. Can I do that, or is my college list locked in after my first submission?

8 months ago

Absolutely, you can add more colleges to your Common App after your initial submission! Each college application is treated independently of the others. So, go ahead and add the other colleges you're interested in applying to. Just remember, you'll need to make sure that each application is complete with its own specific requirements like essays, supplemental questions, and any additional documents that are unique to each institution before you hit the submit button for each new school.

For example, if one of the new colleges you're adding requires a portfolio or an extra recommendation letter, you'll have to arrange for those to be sent. Also, keep an eye on the deadlines for each new college you add to ensure everything is submitted on time. Finally, keep in mind that unless you have a fee waiver, you'll have to pay for each application you submit separately—unfortunately, the money you've already paid won't cover your regular decision applications, if you aren't accepted early decision.

I hope you get into your early decision school, and good luck with your other applications if you aren't!

8 months ago

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