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Annual Changes to Common App Essay Prompts?

Do the essay questions on the Common App change every year? I want to get a head start during the summer before my junior year, and I'm curious if I can rely on the current prompts being the same when I'm getting ready to submit the essay the following year.

8 months ago

It's fantastic that you're planning to get a head start on your college essays! The Common App does review their essay prompts each year and often makes some changes. However, those changes are typically quite minor, and the prompts are all broad enough that you can get started early without worrying that what you end up writing about won't connect with any of the options.

Do keep in mind that if you start writing too early, you may not have had some of the experiences that will end up being most relevant to your potential as a college student. Junior year is highly formative for many people, both academically and personally, so while you can definitely start jotting some ideas down, also keep an open mind about incorporating things that happen to you during the school year. Then, during the summer before your senior year, you can really start synthesizing your thoughts into a cohesive unit.

Best of luck brainstorming, and with your junior year!

8 months ago

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