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Can students view the teacher recommendations submitted through Common App?

I'm kind of anxious to know what my teachers wrote about me. Will I be able to see their letters on the Common App after they submit them, or do they remain confidential?

8 months ago

Hey there! I totally understand your curiosity and maybe a bit of nerves about what your teachers have written. When your teachers agree to write a letter of recommendation for you, they'll do this through the Common App's recommendation system which, by default, is confidential.

Here's the thing: when you sign up for the Common App, you're asked whether you waive your right to view recommendation letters. If you waive this right (which most colleges recommend), you won't be able to see what your teachers have written. This waiver is actually a good sign to colleges that you trust your recommenders and that the letters are candid and truthful. If you did not waive that right, technically you could request access to the letters, but it's a rare situation and can sometimes give colleges pause. So, in most cases, no, you won't see the recommendations, which helps maintain their integrity and effectiveness. Hope this eases your mind a bit!

8 months ago

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