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Common App marked my colleges' deadlines as 'passed' even though they're not?!

This is making me anxious, guys. The Common App is showing that the deadlines for some of my colleges have passed, but I double-checked, and they haven't! Has this happened to anyone else, and what should I do?

8 months ago

Hey there! I understand how stressful this can seem, but rest assured, it's likely a technical glitch on the Common App system. I recommend taking a deep breath first and then following these steps. Make sure you've set the correct time zone in your Common App account; sometimes, that's the culprit. If everything is correct, take screenshots of the deadlines as listed on the college's official website and your Common App dashboard showing the discrepancy. Then, reach out to the Common App Help Center as soon as possible to explain the situation. Provide them with the screenshots as evidence.

Simultaneously, I suggest sending a quick email to the admissions offices of the affected colleges to inform them of the issue. They might appreciate the heads-up and reassure you directly about the deadlines. Keep copies of all correspondence just in case. Issues like these are typically resolved swiftly once flagged. Hang in there, and keep up with your good work on those applications!

8 months ago

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