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Notre Dame and the Common App?

What's up, guys? I've got my eye on Notre Dame for college, and I'm just wondering if they're on the Common App train or if I have to prepare myself for a separate application process. Does anyone know if Notre Dame uses the Common App?

8 months ago

Hello there! You'll be happy to know that the University of Notre Dame is indeed a participant in the Common Application. This will likely make your application process a bit simpler, as you can use the Common App to apply to many colleges, Notre Dame included, without having to fill out separate applications for each one. Just make sure to pay close attention to Notre Dame’s specific requirements within the Common App platform; they may have particular essays or other supplemental materials you need to submit.

Something to keep in mind: despite using the Common App, each college, including Notre Dame, tailors its section of the application to best reflect its values and admissions criteria. So, while the main portion of your Common App will be the same for all schools, you'll want to dedicate time to Notre Dame's unique supplementary questions. Best of luck with your application – go ahead and start preparing those materials!

8 months ago

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