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Does CU Boulder have a separate application or do they use the Common App?

Helloooo! I’m looking to apply to CU Boulder and was wondering if they’re on the Common App or if I need to prepare an entirely separate application. Does anyone have info on this?

8 months ago

Hey there! The University of Colorado Boulder is indeed part of the Common Application. This means you can apply to CU Boulder along with any other schools on your list that use the Common App. Do make sure to check out CU Boulder’s supplemental essay requirements within the Common App—you can find them by clicking on CU Boulder under the "My Colleges" tab of the Common App. Each school is allowed to add their own set of unique prompts that you'll need to respond to before submitting your application. Prospective students often underestimate the time it takes to complete supplemental essays, so don't wait until the last minute to work on them!

Best of luck with your application, and if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out!

8 months ago

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