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Do Common App essay prompts vary from one year to the next?

Hey everyone, I'm starting to stress a bit about the whole essay writing process for the Common App. I've read a bunch of older posts and guides about the essay prompts, but I'm wondering, do the Common App essay prompts change every year or can I expect them to be the same as the ones my sibling used a couple years back?

8 months ago

Hello there! No need to stress - you've got this! Generally, the Common App essay prompts are quite stable, with only occasional changes from year to year. Often, if there are changes, it might only be to one or two of the prompts. They tend to keep some of the favorite prompts each year as well, so the essence remains similar.

For instance, the prompt about recounting an event that sparked personal growth or a new understanding has been a staple for years. Sometimes, there’s even a topic of choice, which is pretty open-ended and allows for lots of creativity. To be absolutely sure, you should check the latest version of the prompts on the Common App website. This way, you can confirm what you're working with for your admission cycle. I'd also recommend checking out CollegeVine's essay guides that are updated each year according to the current Common App prompts.

Remember, regardless of the prompt, the important thing is to reflect your personality and experiences in your essay. Good luck with your writing!

8 months ago

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