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Best Tips for Showcasing Cross Country Achievements on Common App?

Hi everyone! I need some help figuring out how to present my cross-country achievements in the activities section of the Common App. Should I focus more on personal records and awards I've received or the team's accomplishments? Also, how can I fit all this into the limited space provided?

8 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're looking to effectively showcase your cross-country achievements. In the activities section, you'll want to strike a balance between highlighting your personal milestones and illustrating your role in the team's success. Discuss your personal records and awards briefly to demonstrate individual excellence, but also mention your contribution to team accomplishments, like leading practices or mentoring younger team members, to display leadership and teamwork.

For example, you might write, 'Placed top 5 in state championships; led weekly training sessions, boosting team's overall performance to win regional title.' Remember, the activities section isn't just about accolades – it's also about impact and growth. So, if you captained the team or helped to improve its standing, make sure to include that as well.

As you say, you have a limited character count, so use strong, descriptive action verbs and be concise. If you have more details that won't fit, the additional information section is a good place to elaborate without being constrained by the character limit—but don't go overboard, as admissions officers only have so much time to spend on your application.

Best of luck!

8 months ago

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