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Navigating FERPA on the Common App — Need Advice!

Can anyone explain how to fill out the FERPA waiver on the Common App? I know it's important for letters of recommendations and such, but I want to ensure I'm understanding it fully before I waive anything. Thx in advance!

8 months ago

Absolutely, happy to help! When you're in the Common Application, navigate to the 'My Colleges' section. Under each college, you'll find a 'Recommenders and FERPA' section. You'll need to read through the FERPA release authorization carefully. Essentially, FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) gives you the right to access your education records. By waiving this right, you are telling colleges that you do not intend to read your recommendations, which helps ensure your letters' authenticity, as schools know nothing your recommender is saying is just because they want to preserve their good relationship with you.

Most schools and recommenders prefer that you waive your rights because it implies that the letters are candid and trustworthy. After reading the agreement, select 'yes' to waive your rights, if you choose to do so. Finally, you'll electronically sign the waiver. While we would strongly encourage you to waive your rights, do make sure you're comfortable with your decision either way. Good luck with your applications!

8 months ago

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