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Are international students able to use the Common App or is there a different process?

I'm an international student looking to apply to colleges in the US. Can I use the Common App just like everyone else, or is there a separate application process I need to be aware of? Any advice would be super helpful.

8 months ago

International students can indeed use the Common Application to apply to colleges in the U.S., just as domestic students do. The Common App is designed to streamline the application process for students regardless of their nationality.

However, you should be aware that there can be additional requirements for international applicants. These may include proving English proficiency (typically through TOEFL or IELTS scores) if you didn't attend an international high school, providing country-specific financial aid documents, and having your transcripts evaluated by an international credential evaluation service. Additionally, some colleges may have unique requirements or supplemental essay questions for international candidates.

My advice is to create your Common App account early, and carefully review the application requirements of each school you're interested in, which you can view under each school's tab in the "My Colleges" section of the Common App. If you're confused about anything, especially regarding your status as an international student, you can visit a school's individual website, or reach out to their admissions office directly for personalized guidance. That way, you don't miss any vital steps in the application process specific to your situation. Remember to also pay attention to deadlines – they can sometimes be different for international applicants. Good luck!

8 months ago

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