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Uploading the SSAR to Common App - I'm Stumped

So, my state uses the SSAR for high school transcripts. I'm trying to figure out how to submit the SSAR on the Common App. Does anyone have a clear step-by-step? It's my first time doing anything like this.

8 months ago

Absolutely, all these application components can seem like a maze, but no worries, you'll get through them one step at a time. First, you'll need to create your SSAR account on the SSAR website. Once you've entered all of your high school coursework and grades, you'll finalize and submit your SSAR. Then, you’ll receive an SSAR ID number.

Next, when you're working on your Common App, look for which of your colleges require the SSAR under the 'Education' section. There should be an area where you can link your SSAR using the ID number provided. Each participating college may have slightly different steps to link the SSAR, so look carefully at each college's instructions on the Common App. After linking your SSAR, it's often recommended to double-check with the colleges' admissions offices to ensure that you've done everything correctly and completely. Let me know if you need further help navigating any specific part of the process!

8 months ago

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