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Best Way to Represent Science Olympiad on Common App?

I’m super involved in my school’s Science Olympiad team (have been for 3 years now) and we’ve won a bunch of awards. I’m a bit lost on how to convey the importance of this EC on my Common App. Anyone got ideas on what points I should emphasize or key words I should use for the description to really pop for the admissions officers? 🤔

8 months ago

That's a fantastic extracurricular to highlight! Since you've been involved for three years and have won awards, it's clear that Science Olympiad is a significant part of your high school experience. When describing it on your Common App, consider focusing on your journey and growth within the team, the leadership roles you may have assumed, and how you've contributed to the team's successes. Use action verbs like 'collaborated,' 'initiated,' 'engineered,' or 'innovated' to vividly describe your involvement and achievements.

If you've had a specific project or event that was particularly meaningful or challenging, sharing a concise anecdote about overcoming obstacles or finding creative solutions can be quite impactful—remember you only have 150 characters though! Remember to also reflect on what this experience has taught you and how it has shaped your aspirations or your approach to learning. Colleges are looking for students who not only excel academically but also show passion and determination in their interests. Your dedication to Science Olympiad is a great example of that!

8 months ago

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