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Is Honor Roll an important detail for Common App?

Hey folks, quick question about mentioning Honor Roll on the Common App. I’ve been on the Honor Roll throughout high school, but is that considered impressive to colleges, or is it just too common to even bother listing? I want to make the most of my application space!

8 months ago

Absolutely, you should mention it. Being on the Honor Roll consistently demonstrates a level of academic achievement and consistency. While it's true that many applicants might have similar accolades, it's still an official recognition of your efforts and should not be overlooked.

Especially if your school sets a high bar for Honor Roll or if you're in a competitive cohort, this form of acknowledgment can help admissions officers understand the context of your academic environment. Remember, the Common App has a section specifically for honors, and consistent Honor Roll recognition falls neatly into that category.

For example, if your school awards different levels of Honor Roll (like High Honors) and you've achieved the highest level, that detail can add depth to your application. It also could serve as a complement to your GPA, providing a clearer picture of your academic performance over time. Just be concise and factual when listing it; the Common App honors section is quite straightforward.

8 months ago

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