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Need help sending rec letters through Common App!

Hi friends! Feeling a bit overwhelmed here. I've got teachers who've agreed to write me letters of recommendation, but I'm stumped on how to actually send them via Common App. Is there a way to do it through the site, or do my teachers send them separately? Could use some guidance!

8 months ago

Don't worry, the process is quite straight-forward once you get the hang of it! The Common App allows you to request recommendation letters directly through their platform. Here's what you need to do:

First, log in to your Common App account and navigate to the 'My Colleges' section. Under each college you've added, you'll see a 'Recommenders and FERPA' section. You must complete the FERPA Release Authorization, which gives schools permission to review your educational records.

After that's done, you'll be able to send invite emails to your teachers through the Common App. They'll receive instructions on how to submit their letters. Just make sure you ask your teachers for their preferred email addresses, and tell them to expect an email from the Common App.

Remember to follow up with them to ensure they've received the email and understand the process. Don't hesitate to check back in with them as the deadlines approach, too. It's always good to give them a gentle nudge!

8 months ago

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